Lyø Throw - Grey Dark Grey


Lyø is woven from 100% Scandinavian wool. Lyø is a warm and cuddly blanket that pairs perfectly with cold winters and chilly evenings.

Wool is a unique natural material. Wool insulates. It can keep you both cool and warm thanks to the fibres’ special structure, which is able to trap lots of air. It is the air in the textile that provides insulation, and a thin woollen plaid is therefore much warmer than a thicker one made of cotton, for example.

At Silkeborg Uldspinderi, their focus begins on the raw wool so that they are always able to ensure that they can attain the desired quality that is then processed and transformed into throws of a quality that will last for many years.

Composition: 100% Scandinavian wool

Dimensions: 140x240cm

Care Instructions: 100% wool can be washed on a wool cycle at maximum 30 degrees Celsius and a maximum 600 revs when spin-drying.

It is important that the item is laid out to dry as soon as the washing cycle is complete. Do not hang up the item, but lay it flat – e.g. on a drying rack or similar. Make sure that the garment is comp