The Snug X Goodshill Open Studios
The Snug Window Display With Karen Birchwood & Karen Schuricht
We love promoting local art, so we met with Karen Birchwood and Kate Schuricht from Goodshill Open Studio, part of South East Open Studios, and collaborated to create our new window display! I sat down with them to find out more about their exciting new exhibition coming up and how they injected their passion and art work into our shop window!
So, who are Karen and Kate?
Starting her career as a printed textile designer for one of the leading textile design companies in the UK, Karen Birchwood is now a local Kent painter who mainly works with acrylic and mixed media on both canvas and paper.
Kate Schuricht is an established British ceramic artist that works in raku and stoneware. She has been a part of a range of popular exhibitions over the years and has been featured in a number of publications surrounding ceramics. 
What is Goodshill Open Studios?
A part of the South East Open Studios, 17 day event that enables the art-loving public to meet artists, engage with art and shop local art, Goodshill Open Studios is the open studio event featuring Karen and Kate. Located in Karen’s home and art studio, the event is an opportunity for the public to see the artists in their own environment over two weekends in June. 
What is so great about this event?
What makes this even different is that members of the public get the chance to go inside the artists studio, talk to the artists themselves about their work as well as buy pieces of local art that they love. We’re all about shopping local and supporting independent businesses, and this is an excellent way to support your local art community!
When and where is the event?
The Goodshill Open Studio event will be running from 10.30am - 4.30pm on the 11th, 12th, 13th, 18th, 19th, 20th June 2021 at Kate’s home and Studio at TN30 6UN. Check out her website and socials for more information!
What is in our exciting new shop window?
Karen and Kate curated our fabulous window display showcasing some of their favourite pieces from their collections as well as complimentary pieces from The Snug. This includes an amazing and colourful landscape piece from Karen as well as a range of unique ceramics in different designs from Kate. 
Window Display Final
What are their favourite pieces in the display?
Karen’s favourite piece is the centrepiece of the display, a new acrylic and collage on canvas inspired by her local surroundings and her love of colour. 
Kate’s favourite pieces are her wall vases which you will see in the display, especially the piece on the wooden frame.
For more information about the event and the artists, follow the links below:
June 08, 2021 — Laura Noad