Page Hunka

Born in Beirut in 1971, his mother was the local daughter of a customs officer and his Dad an engineer from Cork, Ireland.
Page showed an interest in art and creativity as a youngster. When only 3, his mother disappeared during the conflicts of the ‘70’s and Page and his father moved from job to job around the Middle East and South America. His schooling was sporadic, but he always stuck to his art, which travels well!
Graduating from Ecole de la chambre syndicate in the early 90’s he worked with Ralph Lauren, Berluti, Dunhill and Fendi, latterly settling in with the MacQueen label from 2005.
Just as his great friend MacQueen died in 2010, Hunka, with a share of the business, found himself in a financial position to take his wife and 4 children to live in the less chaotic surroundings of a farm in Grasse, South of France. His father (retired back in Cork) invented an engineering widget that is used across the globe in sub aqua diving equipment, and spends his time travelling the world in pursuit of the remaining coral reefs, as an ambassador for the Coral reef alliance.
Page works with a small body of self-employed workers in a collection of barns deep in the Provence countryside, carrying on his passion of textiles and hand guided embroidery.

View his collection of artwork here.

Tommy T

From the rougher side of the tracks, by self-admission, he was trawled through foster homes and then young offenders where he picked up a passion for metal work and latterly the art of metal.
At home in a heavy engineering sort of atmosphere- he transforms every day objects he finds in skips and charity shops and creates all sorts of wild and wonderful things- perhaps a cheeky fascination with some well known brands finds their way onto one or two of the pieces in the most unexpected way.
Once wild, now tamed, Tommy T makes exclusively for The Snug- we ensure that all items limited edition- (besides he bores easily)- and we love him and his stuff!