Let's paint you a picture...


It's lockdown …. our fabric business Design Forum, which supplies interior decorators up and down the country, is flagging a bit…. Tenterden, the beautiful market town in the heart of Kent, has just lost Oasis, Monsoon, Laura Ashley and others; it's retail Armageddon!

So, in our wisdom, we try a pop up to sell a bit of cloth (we have 25,000 metres in stock!) - and that’s how The Snug came to be.
Our other business, Laughland Jones, which supplies architectural interior design to a niche Ski Chalet market, is going great guns and has a huge supply chain - so borrowing this, we enhance the offering at The Snug with all sorts of ‘’stuff’’ for the home.
A really important part of what we do is offer our own kit - not the same clobber on offer from the same wholesalers that you see over and over……zzzzzzzzz….. Instead, we design our own bits and bobs which you can see under snug home, snug art, snug scribble, snug pantry and snug out of date (antiques!) - you cant get this kit anywhere else - because its snuggery.
Well, it’s still very early days - but, designing your own stuff is addictive and we have had lots of encouragement and opportunity for a second shop pops up in Ashford, which opens in June 2021. The Snug, in the middle of the expanding town of Ashford, has all sorts of exciting things going on with the likes of a new Netflix studios, Amazon Film, and Warner bros post-production studios moving in along side the curious brewery and all sorts of other huge developments. 
Just when we were settling down a bit, the idea for a third shop in Rye came along within a cobbled tourist destination renowned for fine dining, fantastic antiques and its lynx golf…..that should be up and running soon as well!
The hunt is on for a shop in Chamonix….we love all things mountains…….but in the meantime if you can’t make it to one of shops, (not everyone lives in Kent) there’s always this internet thing, which apparently is all the rage at the moment!